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Wireless innovations for retail
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WLAN solutions for retail

Today’s retail market is about new shopping experiences that can’t be achieved without a clear wireless and mobile strategy. Meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of your customers and stay ahead of the competition with smart WLAN for retail soutions from LANCOM. Networks and wireless solutions from LANCOM will give you a high-performance, cost-efficient basis for today’s and tomorrow’s retail challenges.

WLAN hotspots

WLAN Hotspot retailA fast and stable free internet access will make your customers spend more time in the store and increase revenue and customer satifaction. WLAN hotspots made by LANCOM are easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Digital signage

Digital signage retailPresent products, services, actions and other information on modern wireless displays that are easy and intuitive to use. Thanks to WLAN connectivity, you can position them anywhere in your store. Digital signage is a powerful in-store marketing tool.

Electronic shelf labeling

ESL Electronic Shelf LabelsQuick and easy changes of pricing or special offers with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL); using WLAN technology, you can maintain your prices centrally and almost in real time – without additional costs for the network infrastructure. Prices and other information are displayed on beautiful energy-efficient ePaper Displays. Extremely low levels of power consumption allow for years of operation without an external power supply.

Mobile and secure payment

Mobile wireless checkouts allow you to offer additional services and increase customer satisfaction. Your sales staff is empowered not only to handle the payment process but also to provide helpful information, such as the availability of products at other stores.

Location based services and target marketing

The smart phone is your customer’s constant companion and can be used for location based services and in-store marketing. Examples are personalised messages with new products or offers.

Business Intelligence

How do customers move through your store? Find out with LANCOM’s smart WLAN for retail solutions! Visitor stream analysis helps you to better place your offers according to the customer’s needs. Help customers to find special offers and utilize your entire sales floor at a maximum.

Connecting stores, DCs and suppliers

Wireless retail solutionsAccelerate and simplify your retail processes by connecting all parts of your enterprise. Product information and inventories can be retrieved from a central database, and sales can be analyzed on a daily basis. Highly secure networks protect your data at a maximum. Store data are transmitted in real-time to the central ERP system and will manage your inventories without error. Product reordering can be automated to make goods shortages a thing of the past.

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