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From wireless room signage to electronic shelf labels

ESL Electronic Shelf Labels

Wireless displays

Wireless ePaper Displays from LANCOM offer a modern and digital signage for numerous applications in different business branches. Especially digital room signage and electronic shelf labels can be easily set up with the digital displays by LANCOM.

Signage of meeting and conference rooms

Digital signage hotelIn hotels and restaurants wireless epaper displays can be applied as modern menu cards, reservation signs and individual conference room signage. Integration with reservation or calendar systems is easy and straightforward.

The contents on LANCOM digital displays are centrally managed via the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server. You can directly transfer the desired data for room signage from the calendar management system (Exchange, Domino, Google Calendar) to the corresponding Wireless ePaper Displays. Thanks to the integrated API, other systems can also be implemented via the LANCOM digital signage system.

Digital signage in healthcare and offices

The LANCOM digital signage system simplifies processes and creates transparency in administrative offices, schools, universities or medical institutions. Due to integration with the respective database and systems, your room signage is always up-to-date and reliable.

Digital price labeling in retail

wireless pos display retailRetailers already rely on the benefits of digital, wireless price tags (“Electronic Shelf Label” or “ESL”). Price changes, item descriptions or even barcodes and QR codes can be individually updated on wireless displays via WLAN at any time. Paper labels belong to the past – as of now prices can be updated centrally, automatically, and in real-time! The LANCOM access points of the E series are fully compatible to the imago G1 label family as well as the respective ESL server, and extend the wireless infrastructure by professional WLAN.

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