Business WLAN

Fast, robust and secure business wireless LAN solutions



Wireless LAN for enterprises and institutions

Professional business WLAN solutions provide flexibility, mobility and rapid innovations at a lower cost than wired networks. Business WLANs can be quickly installed without any changes to the building‘s construction and used for a wide range of wireless innovations.

Wireless industry solutions

A professional wireless network is the basis for innovative business solutions in any industry, such as real time location systems (RTLS) in healthcare or logistics, digital signage in hotels and offices, electronic shelf labeling (ESL), wireless price tags and iBeacon in Retail or highly secure data protecion in financials or public organisations. Are you interested in discovering the possibilities of business WLAN for your organisation? Contact us for a free consultation.

Innovative business WLAN

Connecting mobile devices to the corporate network, VOIP and internet guest access are standard examples of business WLAN solutions. Modern and professional Wifi installations however offer much more than just that:

  • Location based services
  • Wireless asset tracking systems
  • RTLS and RFID solutions
  • Digital signage
  • Wireless digital price labeling
  • Paperless order picking
  • Real-time updates of stock inventories
  • Real-time visibility of business processes

Business WLAN – References

Quite a number of organisations in the UK are using professional and secure WLAN equipment of LANCOM systems. Some examples:

Cheltenham Ladies College

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Cheltenham Ladies College is one of the oldest and most famous girls schools in the UK. The school operates a controller-based WLAN with more than 100 access points in historical buildings.

Highland Wifi

Highland WiFi

Highland WiFi offers business clients and tourists in the Scottish Highlands and elsewhere fast, secure internet access via Wireless LAN and outdoor WiFi equipment of LANCOM.

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